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Travel by night was very common when horse carriages were in fashion. Hence, automobiles too were expected to be functional by night. However, cars ran a lot faster as compared to horse carriages. This rendered it essential for car manufacturers to come up with suitable lighting for the automobile. The earliest cars used oil lamps as their headlights. However, it needed a strong gust of wind or a brief spell of rain to extinguish the lamp. Electrical headlights were invented in the early twentieth century but became popular only after Cadillac connected the lighting system with the electrical system of the automobile. Such lights provided reliable illumination even in windy and rainy conditions and lasted for a long time. However, foggy conditions posed a very big problem of car owners. Even using the high beam did not lead to improvement in visibility. In fact, the moisture suspended in the fog caused the light to be reflected back into the car and this led to numerous accidents due to the problem of excessive glare. That is when car manufacturer came up with the idea of fitting an automobile fog lamp that was specifically designed to counter foggy conditions.

How to automobile
fog lamps work? They contain halogen lights instead of ordinary light. Further, the lamps are fitted low on the front bumper and the beam passes below the fog to avoid the problem of any reflection of the light from the moisture in the fog. The evolution of automobile lighting has led to development of HID or High Intensity Discharge lamps and LED or Light Emitting Diodes which are quickly becoming very popular. HID lamps are very popular because it offers brightness that is at part with the brightness of the day at noon. This means that you shall always drive in daylight or daylight equivalent illumination. Using fog lights hid is a better option than using ordinary halogen lamps. These lights last longer as compared to ordinary lamps and provide excellent illumination irrespective of the density of the fog.LED fog lights are the latest addition to the market. LED lights are renowned for their long life and low electricity consumption. Using such lights will place lower load on the automobile's engine. Further, LED lights are cool lights and this will help illuminate the road even during a fog without causing any glare to any other driver. LED fog lamps will last for many years at a stretch, which is much longer than the life of halogen or a HID light.
There are many good brands of fog lamps available in the market. As far as possible, one should use branded lamps purchased from a reputed online seller. Using brands like lucas fog lamp will help you get good return on your investment. Further, these lamps are so good that even used lamps can be purchased online if you do not wish to spend a lot of money buying brand new lamps.Check out reputed fog lamps for your automobile at www.automotix.net